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Shameless Project Plug

Git hub is where it is at these days and so is the mobile application market place. (or so I hear) I have been working diligently, 5 minutes a day, on a project called Particle. What was going to be a particle engine written in javascript turned into something much more than just a particle engine. It became a beast. A monster. A Javascript engine like all others.

The idea is to create an application framework for mobile application development using Javascript. I would like this project to tie into the all mighty Adobe-Apache Cordova Project, not officially of course, but enough hooks that will be configurable to easily be used with Phonegap.


Particles will allow rapid development and prototyping of canvas based applications. Some of the features are:

  • Error logging through console and stored in the application as a stack allowing displaying of different levels.
  • Handlers that will allow different renders to the canvas. ie: Isometric, 2d, faux 3d, etc.
  • Easy set-up for browser application, or mobile.
  • Configurable resource loading.
  • Application state handling.
  • Dynamic canvas resizing.

Code Repository

All of the code for the application will be stored on Github. Which can be accessed here. If you would like to partake or use the code base feel free to use the fork although I am looking for people to work on the original code base.

Particles Code Repo

Project: Tower Defense – day 4

It is day 3 day 4 of the tower defence game project and thus far there are a few features that I have implemented and a few features that are still outstanding. In the projects current state there is one type of creature and one type of turret. The path that the creeps go down is a single line as there is no path finding programmed into the game yet and in the end I intend for this game to be running on a pre built path.

No forcing of creature’s paths in this game.

While I write this article I am monitoring the games ability to handle speed and I am constantly working on attributes behind each item such as creature speed, and health along with the turrets damage, speed, range, and cost.

I have built in a rather unique way of purchasing turrets but I don’t want to get into that kind of detail in this post so I am going to leave it out.

These images are a few hours old and the application looks a lot different now then it did at this stage of development.