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A Letter to James

Dear Mr. Conley,

I regret to inform you and all of your apple love that I have purchased one of the new 15″ Macbook Pro laptops. You are probably thinking that this is fantastic news; however, it means that I have purchased a laptop for the sheer price to spec sheet. Which additionally means that I will be putting a copy of windows 7 on the laptop immediately. It’s actually currently going through the process as we speak. Finally, you are not going to be pleased because this means that I will most likely be talking some serious apple smack with the new device. If only the keyboard wasn’t so majestic…

picture of the WinBookPro

retina macbook pro being loaded with windows 7

I once owned a laptop under the branding Macbook Pro. It was a fantastic laptop. Well built, fast, and the keyboard is the best keyboard I have used on a laptop to date. It was purchased in 2010 for $2700 dollars and sold in 2013 for $600. The $600 was then used to purchase an atrocity commonly referred to as a “Surface Pro.” This was a mistake.

In 2011 I swore to never purchase another Apple product. A partial mix with the reasoning of Apple has a poor operating system and I oppose the business operations in the assembly plants. These reasonings have been disregarded as the latter would force me to never buy 90% technological devices again. The OS is still garbage, but damn this hardware is beautiful…

In summary, I will try to do my best to not be a belligerent Apple hating fool over twitter and various other social networks. If you would like, when tweeting pictures of my new beautiful piece of technology, I can include a hashtag along the lines of #dontLookJamesItsAWinBookPro. Let me know if this precaution is required.


Your friend Caleb

<insert poorly written signature here>