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Day 4 of development results.

The game thus far has gotten a little more complicated. The graphics are less than ideal but I have spoken to a man that knows graphics so hopefully that will get going soon enough. I worked on porting to Android last night and the whole process took about 2 hours which wasn’t bad. (time includes environment set up).

The problems I am currently facing are the following: the canvas on android is slow. I haven’t hit any issues yet and the game is running at 20 frames per second but I feel like this is going to lag with long lasting games so cleanup will need to be done on some of the objects in the game. The second problem is that I am using Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) which is an excellent product but it is not built for game development so there is a lot of un-necessary overhead which makes me want to do it all again in Java.

There is a demo version located here but it doesn’t include a pretty large list of features.


The linked version is lacking randomly generated map, units unbalanced, specific logic, large list of bug fixes.


I will not be working on the game today but there is a very large list of things to do that will make this game a little more unique. One of which is sound…

HTML5 Plat-former Engine Update 1

I have now added in some gravity and velocity to the game. I still need to tweek a few things to make it a little more enjoyable and give it a better transition of movement. At the moment everything tends to happen rather quickly and it looks really blocky and buggy.

At the start of the round the player drops from the top left and lands on the floor. This is the first proof of concept that the dropping of the character is working.


The next thing on the list is to go through the blocks that the character can land on. This is going to involve creating an array of platforms and checking to see if the character should have landed on it based on where it came from, where the platform is and where it is going.

Yay math! Yay branching statements!

Project: Tower Defense – day 4

It is day 3 day 4 of the tower defence game project and thus far there are a few features that I have implemented and a few features that are still outstanding. In the projects current state there is one type of creature and one type of turret. The path that the creeps go down is a single line as there is no path finding programmed into the game yet and in the end I intend for this game to be running on a pre built path.

No forcing of creature’s paths in this game.

While I write this article I am monitoring the games ability to handle speed and I am constantly working on attributes behind each item such as creature speed, and health along with the turrets damage, speed, range, and cost.

I have built in a rather unique way of purchasing turrets but I don’t want to get into that kind of detail in this post so I am going to leave it out.

These images are a few hours old and the application looks a lot different now then it did at this stage of development.