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lirkr mobile view

Lirkr Angularjs & Bootstrap Update

Lirkr has had a recent face lift from the old.

Over the past few weeks I have been working on getting the ui rewritten in angular along with using Twitters Bootstrap as the style foundation. This was important for a few reasons; mainly rapid iterations and mobile support.

lirkr mobile view

Lirkr Mobile Supported News View using AngularJs and Twitter’s Bootstrap



First, it allows better caching of content loaded from the server and thus frees up the server to do more with less. Rather than returning recent searches I can simply store them in the application for later referencing and this is done quite easily thanks to angular.

Secondly, with angular everything is state based thanks to ui-route, a library that plugs into angular. Ui-route will allow the application to determine what state to use based on the url path. It also supports url variables, case handling for specific urls. Ie: default a certain directory to a specific state.

A heads up warning should be mentioned in regards to angular js. It isn’t the quickest thing to pick up as it does require you to wrap your head around best practices which can be flaky in the documentation. There are regular cases where one page will tell you the best practice is one way and the following page will say the complete opposite.


Bootstrap was a good choice was deciding what to include in the client tech stack changes. It allows simple and easy desktop, tablet and mobile support. It’s as simple as adding classes to your containers and letting bootstrap work it’s magic.

Bootstrap has some lovely documentation with the addition of generating css that contains what you want and removes what you won’t need. By using this tool you can trim what isn’t needed right out of the gate and get yourself a smaller css sheet.


You can view the changes to the website here.

There are some significant changes. The first big change is the lack of search engine optimization; there isn’t any. The website loads into states and the states are all javascript. Unless google uses the v8 engine and meta tags on the site are added, there will be no crawling.

The second big change is the url paths. I went from having ‘/news/tech’ to having ‘/#/news/tech’ This was caused by the urls that are required in order to drive the angular states. Even with the added vhost changes I couldn’t see a way to keep the old url scheme.

lirkr technology news screen cap

Lirkr is coming along… finally

Recently after working out some kinks and rewriting the text storage engine I decided to push the dates for launch back to smooth some little quirks and quarks out… There has also been an overhaul of the news page happening and I have decided that rather than create news for the technology folk I would make news for everyone and just have a really cool/fun technology section for those of us nerds with downtime.

The current large issue with news is that I would like to use APIs to pull the news feed content; however, this is not always the case with some of the more reputable journals and blogs on the internet. I would have loved to pull content from BBC but have found that there is no public api for the news page, which makes sense after all since it is their revenue stream. I have decided that another day I will try to hack something together and see what I can dig up as far as an xml or json version of the feed goes. There must be something and with further inspection of their mobile app/site I should be able to find something.

lirkr technology news screen cap

Technology news page


As it currently stands the page could use a fair amount of work but I am content for the time being. The next step is to add a proper api caching layer, write the general/world news page then call it a day and move on to the more technical task of searching algorithms and searching algorithms and searching algorithms…

In between wanting to no longer live because of the searching algorithms I will add the search auto-complete functionality since that is pretty important I suppose…