Forgotten Crawler Updates: API

I forgot to mention this in the last post and seeing as it is a pretty big update that was added I figured that I should mention it. I have created an API to allow specified people access to the crawler and the database that drives the search technology. This will allow selected people to perform searches, add items to the queue, get host information by searching and so much more.

Because this api is pretty locked down and the other do not have access to it I am offering a limited version that I am working on to the outside world. It is not currently finished but if you would like to take a look at it send an email to caleb [dot] jonasson at gmail and make the subject “lirkrawler api access” It will help if you tell me why you are interested in getting your hands on the api.

Note that if people start abusing the system or performing large database hits with insane limits I am just going to turn off their access since this project is currently on a home server.