Hack Day

Recently I have been working on indexing everything. I built a scraper a week ago and currently have accumulated over half a million domains along with content such as title, paragraphs, tags etc.

Today’s job is to better parse this information and create a better structure system to track changes in content with revisions. I plan on storing a revision number, a url_nid and an md5 of the page’s content.


This image should give you a quick understanding of what the server load was a week ago and what it has been doing for the past week. It is pretty obvious when the scraper has been turned on and off…

This method should give me a decent understanding of the changes that are going to be taking place and will give me a better look at the information once plugged into a search engine that I built a few years ago.


Project: Tower Defence – Day 6

Just recently started to work on the mobile application again and this is going to be the sixth day of development. The main focus on this post is what I am planning on adding to the application. So far I have a few extra zombies that will be added to the application and a few new extra turrets that need to be added.
I know what you are thinking and I’ve said it before. I am not a graphic designer but I am the farthest thing from it. In fact I am primarily a server side developer and thus the graphics were whipped up on the fly. I do need to change a few features of the build menu. One of the things that I need to do is move it so it cannot be moved off of the screen.