Project: Tower Defence – Day 5

Unlike the previous posts for this project this one is not a consecutive day since I picked up another side project that has taken a bit of time. It doesn’t help that the Minecraft server that I play on was reset…


Tonight the Tower defence game has gotten a little bit of an overhaul as far as functionality goes. I have finally started up again and implemented build and upgrade menus. These menus are not completed because there are some game features that need to by tied into them but it will come and it will most likely come soon since I am rather excited about the current state of the project.

I know you like images.

Right now you are probably thinking something along the lines of “Caleb, why the heck would make it that ugly.” And my response is something along the lines of “I don’t do graphics very well.” On the bright side each of those tiles displays at a different size once on the actual phone. They are about 50% of their current size on the screen because of the pixel density.

Final notes

I am happy to have written high concept document and a low concept document that covers all of the features of the application. Creation of the application happened rather spur of the moment but I have to many ideas that have been stored in doc files over the years. This game was fully written up about 2 years ago now when I originally wanted to create it for IOS but instead I chose to build it on Android.

Back to writing full documentation… This is the most important thing that you can possibly do. Write out everything and be clear about it for future reference. I had two pages of font 11 type that just went through what happens in game when there is a click event and I am so great-ful that it was part of the design and already thought of prior to implementation.

There are a few things in the game that I would like to change. First and foremost is drawing out the graphics. Things like grass and concrete paths don’t change and thus they can be drawn out once rather than cycled through on each pass of the game. This is my largest fault of lag that causes my SGSII to have CPU spikes around 40%; which isn’t a lot but it is a little more than I would like for a game that is this far into development.

This episode was brought to you by Season 5 of Lost. (I didn’t die of boredom.)

Samsung Galaxy SII Unable to install apk

Tonight I had a little problem that I was able to figure out. I was running into a problem where the application I was working on was unable to sync up to the phone and I received the following error.

[2011-09-07 23:20:22 - name] Failed to install 
name.apk on device 'devicenumber': Unable to open 
sync connection!

[2011-09-07 23:20:22 - name] 
Unable to open sync connection!

[2011-09-07 23:20:22 - name] Launch canceled!

This isn’t the first time that I had run into this problem and the normal solution was to unplug the phone, refresh the project and try again.
This solution did not work. Through trial and error I found that if you unplug your device, go to settings -> applications -> development mode and turn this off and then back on again your problems will go away. It has popped up once or twice through testing but it isn’t that big of a deal. If you have a solution or know why it is doing this please let me know.

Project: Tower Defense – day 4

It is day 3 day 4 of the tower defence game project and thus far there are a few features that I have implemented and a few features that are still outstanding. In the projects current state there is one type of creature and one type of turret. The path that the creeps go down is a single line as there is no path finding programmed into the game yet and in the end I intend for this game to be running on a pre built path.

No forcing of creature’s paths in this game.

While I write this article I am monitoring the games ability to handle speed and I am constantly working on attributes behind each item such as creature speed, and health along with the turrets damage, speed, range, and cost.

I have built in a rather unique way of purchasing turrets but I don’t want to get into that kind of detail in this post so I am going to leave it out.

These images are a few hours old and the application looks a lot different now then it did at this stage of development.

Hello World

Welcome to the site. This is a simple blog that I will be posting to for all sorts of project updates. The updates may be a daily thing or they may be a once a month kind of deal. If you know me you will probably assume that the site will consist of code related topics and you are partially correct; however, I will be updating other projects on here as well such as photo shoots, records of fitness and weight records, statistics that I find interesting and basically anything else.

Hopefully you enjoy what you read here and if you don’t there are other places that could use your attention.

If you do not know me you will find this site interesting if you are a developer, photographer or anything else along those lines.

Designers keep oot.