A Whole New World Just Opened Up

Recent I ceased to be a member of the company I was working for. It’s October now and it would have been 6 years of being a Software Engineer in November. 9-10 hour days for the last month of a project migration and now I have an amazing amount of hours in the week that I get to play with. At first it was daunting, the amount of time I now possess and yet free time is something I no longer have.

There are too many projects on the personal docket that merit some investigation and thus some lifestyle changes are going to be happening.

  1. Morning Workouts Are Being Transitioned In.
    Before the gym was something that happened nearly every day after work for 1-2 hours. Over the past two months I converted to being caffeine free as the pre-workout supplement I had been taking was taking it’s toll on my sleeps. 150-300mg of Caffeine around 6pm keeps you going until 12pm. The current theory is better, more intense workouts early in the morning will give me a better caffeine boost earlier in the day making whatever the current task more productive.
  2. Companies Are Being Created.
    The current game plan is not to settle back into the 9-5 life. The plan is to start up a contracting company bidding on projects, hiring developers as larger items come into scope. This will likely begin taking in 20-40 hours a week personally until I can find the right people to work with as well as do business with.
  3. Side Projects & Rapid Iteration.
    The main goal is to get some projects on the go again. It sharpens the skills, pads the resume and has potential for future income. Now is the time to drive and get results. Currently Unity looks to be the framework of choice for a personal game project as well as an excellent option as one of the companies being created is a game development shop.


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